Tu departamento de documentación GEMINYS your documentation department GEMINYS your documentation department
Tu departamento de documentación

We often hear this question when we meet for the first time with a customer. It is evident for everyone that we need to know all the design details to draw up high-quality documentation. This is what provides added value to the end user. Our methodology consists of 5 steps to obtain perfect documentation.

A good manual should only contain the information that is strictly necessary for the customer to complete the task in question successfully. Therefore, the intellectual capital prized by a company can be counterproductive for its documentation for two main reasons:

  • Too much information can confuse the user of the manual.
  • If we are to be realistic, it is highly likely that the documentation will end up in the hands of the competition.

The knowledge amassed over more than 20 years of publishing documentation is key to knowing exactly what kind of knowledge should be included in a manual and which should be discarded.

You are 5 steps away from the perfect documentation

These are the steps we take to prepare our customers’ documentation:

Before sharing any information, we sign an NDA. Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our work. Therefore, we include a clause that guarantees that Geminys works as an integral part of your company. We become the department of documentation within your organisational structure.

1.- GEMINYS engineers conduct an in-depth study of electrical, mechanical and pneumatic diagrams, as well as 3D drawings and technical descriptions.

2.- We visit your facilities to take photos, record videos and to clarify any doubts that may arise.  

3.- Once we have this information, we begin to draw up the documents. During the process, we provide you with preliminary document versions to make sure their quality is what you expect from us.

4.- We handle the translation of documents into any language and review them to ensure they are correct in every way.

5.- Final delivery. Within the deadline, in any format and with your corporate brand included. We also deliver the manuals in a format that can be edited.

Feel free to contact us so we can solve any questions you may have.

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