Geminys has created a Virtual Reality solution for training new Metro Bilbao drivers.

The metropolitan public transport company Metro Bilbao’s mission is to be a reference, both nationally and internationally, for its advanced management and use of technology.

Not surprisingly, their people management department has been using virtual reality technology for years to train their employees. With a team made up of more than 750 people distributed in different functions, they have seen in the use of this technology the appropriate way to carry out training.

In the specific case of training for machinists, reality offered a clear handicap: They have to teach the subway units to new personnel, but they cannot stop the units to do this.

Virtual guide designed so that Metro Bilbao drivers and maintenance personnel can move around and learn in a safe environment.

The GEMINYS training department developed a virtual tour of the metro using spherical and navigable photographs that also included the necessary information related to driving. The goal was to create a modern and highly visual system that would cover all training needs.

The result of the design of this virtual guide designed to very well solve the needs of the drivers and maintenance personnel of Metro Bilbao to travel and learn safely.

The contents can be viewed on any device, with or without an internet connection. Anytime and anywhere.

This solution has given them a totally faithful vision of what the user is going to find in reality and with this application they solve the problem of having to stop the units. New drivers appreciate being able to get to know the subway before tackling it for the first time.

Do you think this type of solution could fit your company? Do not hesitate to contact us.

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