Technical writing characteristics

Technical Writing

The main objective of technical communication is to clearly convey complex information about products or processes. For this reason, the style of technical writers avoids superfluous descriptions, imprecise vocabulary or that which is far from the functional..

How is the style of technical writing?

The characteristics of technical writing include an impersonal, clear and direct style. He has a preference for the construction of simple sentences, the use of the third person and the use of verbs in the infinitive.

Of course, opinions, descriptions or unnecessary information must be omitted.

There are two aspects that, as they are key, require a deeper knowledge before undertaking any writing exercise.

  • The first is the knowledge of the target audience

Imagine, for example, the descriptive level that a non-product reader may require and compare it with the requirements that, on the other hand, a professional with training in this regard or with experience in handling that product or a similar one may have.

Much more demanding the first case, right?

  • The second key is the editor’s knowledge of the subject matter.

Too often the designer or creator of the product is entrusted with the task of writing the technical documentation as the person who accumulates the most knowledge. You are asked to merge two profiles into one; designer and technical writer.

This knowledge is, of course, very positive, but it tends to lead to manuals that are too long, with unnecessary information and whose completion takes too long in time while, why not say it, increases their cost.

An expert in technical communication knows how to discern what information is necessary to fulfill the objective of each document or manual and will only write what is strictly necessary for the user of the technical documentation.

At GEMINYS we have been dedicated for more than 20 years to the generation, design, drafting and organization of technical documentation for the industrial sector.

Therefore, our technical writing team knows the specific techniques and rules to communicate clearly, unequivocally and consistently for any sector.

In addition, we have developed a customizable document management software through different modules. This solution allows both your team and your clients to connect from anywhere to a fully digitized technical documentation.

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