Amaiur Berra started working at GEMINYS in 2018 as a technical writer on projects in the railway sector. Since 2019 he has closely followed the creation of MASATS documentation. (If you want to know what we have documented click here).

How long have you been doing documentation for Masats?

I started working on Masats projects at the end of 2019 and I was lucky enough to be able to meet them in person, learn about their facilities and way of working almost since I started the relationship.

How many times have you visited their facilities and for what purpose?

Both Gorka Huesca and Iker Echeverria or I have visited their facilities in Manresa, I would say that up to six times and I have been able to participate in two of these visits. On both occasions, the reason for the visit was to be able to learn about the systems that we would later have to document, recording videos of the processes and receiving first-hand a little training to then transfer all this knowledge to the technical documentation of the different systems.

I was also able to attend a visit that MASATS made to the workshops of one of its clients to document the assembly process of the 020 SWYNCRO door on the vehicle.

What do you think that having a certain track record documenting your products and technical writers specialization contributes to customer documentation?

On a technical level, there are things that do not change from one project to another, so knowing how the client works and knowing how he likes us to do his documentation is key. The client is calm when he knows that he can delegate the development of the manuals with complete peace of mind.

In the specific case of MASATS, personally meeting specialist workers from different departments and being able to contact the person in charge directly to resolve any doubts that may arise gives added value to our work and great agility in the process. Technically speaking, now I can say that it is less difficult for me to identify the different elements of a new door and to know what function each element has than when I started working with MASATS.

Do you do it faster? Do you use the knowledge that you accumulate?

I would certainly say that I do it faster because I don’t need to spend as much time getting to know the system that I am documenting. At first, I spent a lot of time watching the videos over and over until I understood how the system works. Now I do it too, but the time I need to invest is much less.

If you were to board a train in another country, would you recognize that the door is Masats’s? Can editors recognize what you document if you see it in operation without prior notice?

I would say yes. As they are systems that catch my attention, I usually stop to observe the doors and different elements of access to public transport vehicles when I go to get on them. I can’t help but notice.

How would you say the GEMINYS / MASATS relationship is?

Very good. I think it’s a feeling both from me and from my fellow Geminys that we have had dealings with Masats, we have always felt very welcome and communication has been easy and natural. We have created a good relationship that goes from work to personal.

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