Technical Documentation for second hand machines

The second hand machine market has grown exponentially in the last 20 years. Partly due to the pull in demand from the two Asian giants (China and India) and from the emerging countries of the East. But also in Community Europe this trend has been growing. You just have to look at the number of websites that have emerged on the internet dedicated to the purchase and sale of machinery for any sector.

Another factor that has driven this increase is the speed at which the market evolves. This speed forces many companies to invest in new machinery and they need to profitably output goods from their production lines. But there are more reasons:

  • Increased repair costs
  • Low productive performance
  • For safety for the operators

In this context, the need to have up-to-date and quality Technical Documentation about second-hand machines is becoming more and more evident both for the manufacturers and sellers of the same as for the buyers and end users.

Therefore, it is important to know that during the useful life of a machine it is mandatory that its condition is in accordance with the requirements of the machinery directive in force when it was placed on the market or put into service for the first time.

When is it necessary to update the technical documentation?

In the case of having implemented a modification, having added an element or having carried out operations not foreseen by the manufacturer, it is considered a new machine. That is why it has to undergo a new conformity assessment to show that it complies with the machinery directive.

At GEMINYS, we also help you develop the Technical Documentation of second-hand machines in order to guarantee that both manufacturers and sellers as well as buyers are fully covered against any unforeseen event that may arise and have the total security of complying with the Regulations that are required. about it in each country.

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