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Types of manuals you can request

We work with the utmost confidentiality to provide your customers with the most complete product manual on the market.

  • Maintenance

    Scheduled intervention plans for system maintenance tasks in optimum conditions throughout their entire useful life.

  • Training

    We develop reading material for your trainers. Student guides, audiovisual presentations and notes for your trainers to teach their courses successfully.

  • Diagnosis

    Trouble-shooting guides. User-friendly flow charts and interactive user help applications in the event of equipment malfunction.

  • Instructions

    All the content for the handling and preservation of your product. The user will operate it safely and efficiently to keep it operational during its lifetime.

  • Operation

    These manuals contain all the information required for safe and correct product operation.

  • Software

    We take the Beta version of your new application as the starting material and create the user manual to accompany it

  • Recycling

    This end-of-life manual explains how to decommission equipment, empty liquids, remove pollutants and how to dispose of them properly.

  • Installation

    With the content you need to get your team up and running quickly, safely and to the right specification.

  • Obsolescence

    To ensure correct replacement of equipment that is expected to become obsolete before the end of its useful life.

  • Cleaning

    This manual is intended for staff in charge of daily and monthly cleaning and contains the corresponding recommendations structured as instructions

  • Workshop

    A manual intended for the manufacturer, which includes descriptions of equipment assembly and disassembly.

  • Quick User Guide

    Mínima información imprescindible para que el usuario pueda comenzar a trabajar de forma inmediata contando con toda la información necesaria en pequeño formato.

Do you have the feeling that you spend too much time creating manuals?

We propose 4 management models to be more efficient with documentation.

Whitepaper Documentación Técnica

Spare Parts Catalogue

We develop illustrated parts lists using all the tools at our disposal for a fast and efficient location of the spare part your customer needs. We generate perspective views from 3D models.

Imagen de un explosionado para un catálogo de piezas

Our collaboration process is simple: 5 steps

We deliver the documentation in the format you require

In any place or situation and through any device, it is possible to facilitate access to information. We have five different platforms to visualize and manage information: from printed media to mobile devices.

We value all the peculiarities of this medium, from the grammage to the graphic development of the contents, offering quality documents.

We offer navigation through an organized structure with a user-friendly interface.

We offer a mobile support that can work offline, always synchronized with the central server.

We offer a mobile support that can work offline, always synchronized with the central server.

As a solution to the enormous amount of information, we offer customized management systems for knowledge management.

Collaborative software for the creation of technical documentation

Our knowledge creation and management software is accessible from any browser. It reduces manual creation time by reusing fragments and makes it easier to publish in less time. Writers will no longer duplicate work or lose information and updates will be under control.

Geminys DMS

Reduce the creation time of your manuals by 70%

Geminys CCMS

Find the right plan to grow better


  • 20 displays
  • 10 gb included
  • User / group / permissions management
  • Search
  • Notifications / E-mail subscriptions
  • Multilingual interface (4 languages)


  • 50 displays
  • 25 gb included
  • XML Editor
  • Instant PDF generation
  • External file upload
  • Multilingual interface (10 languages)


  • 150 displays
  • 100 gb included
  • Document composer
  • Compositions management
  • Composition templates
  • Mandatory, optional fragments

Are you going to market your machine and need CE marking?

Before marketing a machine, it is necessary to certify that it complies with EU health and safety requirements. To achieve this, it is an essential requirement to accompany your product with an MANUAL INSTRUCTION . At Geminys we have extensive experience in the drafting of technical documentation to obtain the CE marking.

Bid writing profesional

Did you know that you can outsource the drafting of your commercial offers to our technical writers for the next tender? We produce exceptional commercial offers, communications and content for your company.

  • Analysis

    We analyse the requirements of the specification.

  • Contrast

    We move forward when it is established that the requirements are met.

  • Drafting

    We draft and design the tender documents.

  • Presentation

    On time and with all the required documentation.

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