We assist and advise businesses on how to manage their knowledge


Industrial Design

Maintenance Engineering (RAMS & ILS)

Technical Documentation


We are a knowledge management company with over 23 years' experience in the generation of all types of technical documentation. We provide to your customers the most complete product manual on the market.

Technical Documentation

We provide the necessary instructions for users to perform their work safely. We use accurate and accessible language to maximise understanding.

eLearning Training

We design virtual spaces aimed at facilitating training and learning so our customers can convey their know-how about machine use to their customers.

Full technical documentation service

Our team of industrial engineers, information technology engineers, industrial draftsmen, graphic designers and administrative staff can work directly in English and will place themselves at your disposal to operate as a documentation department within your company, exerting maximum confidentiality to provide your customers with the best available technical documentation.

Technical drafting

Our drafting technicians are engineers with ample experience is a wide variety of industrial sectors. They document and describe all the operations unequivocally so your customers can make the most of your assets.


Technical drawings, photographic composition and treatment and translations of drawings. All the requirements to prepare clear visual instructions on the assembly and disassembly of a product or structure. 


We design and develop in 3D-2D for production of mechanical components and assemblies using CATIA V5 Autocad, SolidWorks and 3D Experience. 

IT Developments

We design and develop document management applications to view technical documentation.


We adapt manuals to all specific customer requirements, with particular focus on the details. 


We develop manuals in accordance with local regulations and requirements. This enables us to adapt technical documentation to the specifications of each country.




Electronics and Software


Machine Tools

Renewable Energy

Sector aeronaútico
Sector Ferroviario
Máquina Herramienta
Energías Renovables

We adapt the software to your particular needs

This technological platform developed by Geminys will enable your customers to have their documentation updated, organised and on hand at all times.

Complete control over all the areas of knowledge management: Storage, retrieval, classification, security, custody, distribution and creation.

Geminys DMS

Fully customisable document management software. Choose only the modules that you require to keep your documentation updated and on hand at all times.

Geminys CCMS

A website application designed for the machine tool industry so you can update the documentation that your customers have in their possession whenever necessary.

International scope

Our products are consulted daily all over the world by hundreds of people.

The common bond between all of them is that they enjoy the same language clarity, accuracy and accessibility that our service guarantees.

The map shows some of the locations where our manuals and catalogues are used.

Geminys Internacionalización
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