In the enterprising world of the aerospace industry, where innovation and efficiency are crucial, collaboration and harmonisation play an essential role in driving progress. In this setting, the Aerospace and Defence Industries Association of Europe (ASD) has become a key player by standardising methods, processes and terminology for professionals in this highly specialised field. A vital tool required to achieve this goal is the S-Series of integrated product support (IPS) specifications. 

The S-Series specifications provide a comprehensive framework for the implementation of IPS in complex systems throughout their life cycle. These directives cover crucial factors involved from the moment requirements are defined to the elimination of the system, such as logistics, maintenance, supply chain management, training and technical data. They provide guidelines on efficient management and maintenance of complex systems, with emphasis placed on maximising system availability and preparation and reducing lifecycle costs. 

The S-Series comprises the following specifications:

SX000i-International specification for integrated product support (IPS):

S1000D- International specification for technical publications using a common source database:

S2000M- International specification for material management: 

S3000L- International procedure specification for Logistic Support Analysis (LSA):

S4000P- International specification for the development and continous improvement of preventive maintenance:

S5000F- International specification for in-service data feedback:

S6000T- International procedure specification for training analysis and design:

At Geminys, we make every effort to spearhead the effective implementation of these standards, thereby contributing to the progress and efficiency of the aerospace industry. Our dedication to excellence and conformity with S-Series specifications makes us a reliable partner in the face dynamic challenges and on-going evolution of this sector. 

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