Composer: Industry document management software.

The Compositor is a software solution for document management specific for the industrial sector developed by GEMINYS.

Modular Software

The system is divided into several modules that we develop separately to adapt to your specific needs. We deliver a functional design of all modules.


The Composer will allow you to generate your documentation from fragments in XML format, editable and fast loading. You will be able to create the manuals of your equipment quickly and that your client always has it updated. Documentation divided into labeled fragments for better reuse. Greater control of translations and savings in them since the localization of pending content is faster. Directly generate documentation in different output formats (PDF, Word, HTML, …), depending on what you need at that time.

What does the Composer allow you to do if you are the administrator?

• You will be able to create and edit the user accounts and groups that you create.
• Edit the personal information of each user.
• Activate / deactivate user accounts.
• Assign permissions.
• Manage permissions for folders and documents.

Document management and accessories.

• WYSIWYG content editor (“What you see is what you get” (what you see is what you get).
• Create new documents and / or folders.
• Move and copy documents and / or folders.
• Manage accessories (consumables, spare parts and special tools).
• Add new providers.

Composition management

• Create new final document structures.
• Manage the fragments.
• Create new final documents from the fragments.

Translation management

• Management of the translations of the fragments.
• Control at all times of the status of translations.

What does the Composer allow you to do if you are a user?

• Create standard documents (in HTML and interactive PDF).

Use the search engine and advanced search engine

• Documents indexed every night.
• Search all documents / fragments.
• Search for any term, tag, etc.


You will have access to information about the tool and the application’s user manual.

Printing and downloading documents

• Select several documents or folders and generate a ZIP file with them.
• Generates a PDF version of HTML documents.
• Quickly generate a PDF or Word version from an XML file and template.

User account editing

• Personal information, email, password, etc.

Acceso a la documentación

Browse documentation, manuals, and parts catalog. Includes favorites and last viewed documents.
If you have more questions about the Composer, document management software industry, do not hesitate to write to us. Together we can see if it is the tool you are looking for.

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