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GEMINYS products and services

GEMINYS products and services

For more than 20 years, the GEMINYS team has dedicated its activity to providing documentation and training products and services and manufacturers in the industrial sector. Throughout this time, in its desire for continuous improvement, it has developed different products and services with the aim of providing solutions to its customers.


GEMINYS activity focuses on offering a comprehensive documentation service dedicated to the design, creation, composition, writing and translation of technical documentation aimed at the main industrial sectors. For this, we have specialized personnel in the following areas: Technical writing, IT developments, engineering and drafting, layout and translation.

We carry out technical writing of the following types of manuals and documentation:


We develop ad hoc solutions with the elearning methodology that uses different techniques such as simulation, gamification or video tutorials. We implement training tools using technologies such as VR or AR, integrable with our Hermes document management system.

  • 3D documentation, integrable with Hermes.
  • Augmented reality (AR) for remote maintenance.
  • Virtual Reality (VR) for training for catalog and interior visualization.


We offer consulting services in the key areas of documentation: technical writing, drafting, engineering, IT developments, layout and translation, with the aim of applying good practices and complying with security regulations.

  • Document consulting service
  • Document development techniques / tools
  • Internal documentation management
  • Review and consulting (security, regulations, etc.)
  • Documentation analysis


Modular document manager (Hermes). Comprehensive solution that allows users to access the different publications and related elements, using a common interface from a web browser.

Composer: Web application with which you can update the documentation that your users already have in their hands at any time.

Interactive versions of the manuals. Allows content updating through an editing module.

Illustrated online parts catalogs3D assembly video tutorials
Custom software applications:
Javascript, etc.
Real assembly videos
Documentation ComposerProcedimientos de mantenimiento locutados


  • Design and development in 3D-2D for the manufacture of mechanical elements and assemblies.
  • Design of hitches, reducers, mounted bridges and bogies.
  • Preparation and translation of plans and photographic treatments.
  • Translation management.
  • Layout.

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