GEMINYS to exhibit at the 30th edition of the Machine Tool Biennial presenting the latest innovations in knowledge management through technical documentation and eLearning.

At Geminys, we’ve been helping and advising companies to manage their knowledge for over 18 years, developing technical documentation and E-learning training.

In this edition at our exhibit space you’ll be able to get a first-hand look at the new features in smart document management that we have introduced since the last BIEMH. From document managers for handling large quantities of information to customised online interactive training for getting the most from your staff whilst they have fun learning.

Technical documentation is one more part of the machine. With a good set of technical documentation, a machine is complete. For the manufacturer, this is much more of an investment than an expense. Why?

  • It helps us to show our client that we don’t just care about the product manufactured, but also about the person buying it.
  • We strive for our client to make the best use of the machine, and this is why we show our client how to use and maintain it through a simple program, thereby lengthening its useful life.
  • We manage to get our clients to use the spare parts that are actually recommended.
  • This enables us to cut machinery maintenance costs.

Are you ready to get the maximum performance from your machinery?

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