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GEMINYS offers digital learning solutions in multiple sectors applying different methodologies and technologies. We develop training courses ranging from the most technical content to soft-skills.

Motivating and effective experiences.

eLearning solutions for companies

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We drive change through digital learning experiences. We help our clients achieve their change objectives through audience-tailored solutions for intelligent digital learning.

Development of critical competencies in a realistic environment

Time savings

No more time spent in commuting, due to lack of punctuality, unnecessary or extended breaks or scheduling of agendas.

Cost reduction

eLearning solutions make it possible to train an unlimited number of employees and therefore cover the cost of the investment in the mid term.

100% customised

Your product will be custom designed and will include your corporate identity.

No mediators

We take charge and solve user queries on how to use the platform so you can continue concentrating on your business.

Agility and transparency

After a joint agreement on a delivery schedule, we deliver the product in a brief period of time. You will be able to monitor the delivery process in real time.

Continous improvement

We are highly sensitive to user perception of training. The more agreeable the training experience, the better the content is retained. Feedback is a key factor.

Customers that have placed their trust in us

Formación de elearning
Lander Simualtions


3D videos in e-learning are powerful tools for visualizing complex concepts, creating interactive simulations, recreating real scenarios, increasing motivation and flexibility in learning.

Vídeos 3D

3D videos make it possible to visually represent abstract or complex concepts in a way that is easier to understand.

Three-dimensional models can be created to show internal structures, processes or phenomena that are difficult to imagine with static images or text alone.

3D videos can be interactive, which means that students can explore and manipulate objects in the virtual environment.

3D videos can be visually appealing and exciting, which facilitates their motivation and engagement with the content and improves information retention.

360º virtual scenarios

Advanced virtual tour features can make any real-world scene digital and fully immersive and can be applied to a wide range of product familiarization and training scenarios.

Students can immerse themselves in a three-dimensional virtual environment that simulates the feeling of being present in a real place. This improves information retention and comprehension, as learners can more authentically explore and experience the learning content.

360º virtual environments allow students to access places and environments that would otherwise be inaccessible or difficult to reach.

360º virtual environments can provide immediate feedback and detailed tracking of student performance. Systems can record and analyze student interactions within the virtual environment, allowing instructors to assess their progress and provide personalized guidance.

Escenario 360º


Learning by doing. Simulation is an immersive learning method that requires the user to remain active and interact continuously throughout the session. We create software solutions that are identical to the real ones so participants can experiment freely.

Simulación de Software Formación elearning

The simulation of settings and environments enable easy, user-friendly interaction of participants with situations that are identical to real ones and boost their understanding of the content.

Simulation enables participants to detect the strong and weak points of their knowledge of the software. It prevents irreparable errors and allows future users in the organisation to experience a secure environment.

Users self confidence and security will increase after experience-based training. Increased response capabilities are a key result of this type of learning


Users can be guided through the learning process by using video tutorials. We establish the most appropriate sequence and scope for each characteristic of your product.

We record the software features that you wish to highlight the most and add the necessary explanations to ensure easy user learning.

View how the software operates before having to use it.  Highly useful to transmit concepts and demonstrate processes.

Specific content in video format with voice-over and subtitles to present and dwell on very concrete subject matter.

Videotutorial para formación


We use game principles to create addictive training content. Our triangular score – reward – goal design ensures that participants enjoy their learning process.

Formación con gamificación

Securing user attention is a challenge. By introducing game features in the content, the user is presented with a purpose to complete the training.

Content difficulty increases according to participant achievements in the various tests. Thus, the content adapts to the knowledge acquired by each individual.

Humans are competitive by nature and we enjoy commenting on the results we achieve when facing challenges, which helps to build social bridges between colleagues.


Guarantee the proper use of your installations by making the learning process easy and entertaining. The contents can be played on all devices, with or without internet connection. Any time, anywhere.

When we design online training, our goal is to find the ideal way to keep you actively involved in the training process.

Our graphic design engineers generate structures that are more pleasant to work with and more coherent with the learning process.

Users are provided with personalised feedback for each answer they select. We reason each choice to enable users to bolster their knowledge by applying logic to understand the questions.

Formación elearning para el sector industrial

Do you need to train more than 40 users in different fields?

Complete pack

Save over 20,000€ in a single year with our elearning service.

The pack includes everything from the e-learning platform to solving user-related incidents, including content development and exam designs.

If you are not convinced, we can find a formula that is more appropriately adapted to your needs.


Discover our Virtual Reality solution for Metro Bilbao.

Realidad Virtual Metro Bilbao
Realidad Virtual Metro Bilbao

Virtual Reality

A virtual guide designed so Metro Bilbao conductors and maintenance staff can move around and learn in a secure environment.

Realidad Virtual Metro Bilbao

Any time, anywhere

The contents can be played on all devices, with or without internet connection. Any time, anywhere.

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