Over the years, things have been updated, diskettes have been replaced by CDs, paper maps have been replaced by mobile apps and in the companies the classical teaching methods are being replaced by the elearning format.

What is elearning?

Elearning is an educational process that takes place through the Internet, giving more importance to the student than the teacher. That is, a learning in which a continuous didactic interaction takes place.

What is it for?

Elearning is proving to be a very versatile tool in many educational fields, among them an important point is the professional. There are many companies that train their employees or explain internal procedures through elearning. The results are supporting the theories and the students work better assuming the role of learning instead of basing it on a teacher.

Why is it beneficial for your company to integrate an elearning system?

There are many arguments in favor of these formats, from the cost savings, to the efficiency of the methodology, through the elimination of the physical barriers that its implementation has entailed.

It allows you to be connected with all the students, in this way your students will always have the teacher when they need it. At the same time you can direct the learning with an immediate evaluation during the course and encourage communication among the students by creating forums.

The fact of not needing to move breaks with all the geographical barriers allowing also the connection to the course 24 hours a day, making the course available to people with different rhythms of life. And it allows you to evaluate and control it from an app on your mobile, or from your computer screen.

With this, updating the information in the course becomes a children’s game, without needing to reprint a huge amount of papers and distribute them and then collect them again and evaluate them.

Not only that, but while you benefit from all these improvements you also collaborate with the environment for the saving of paper expenses that you will have.

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